Loan calculator

Loan calculator

Loan calculator

Loan calculator

With a personal loan of the bank consumers can receive a long-term loan on particularly favorable conditions. General information about ( Bank) is an independent division of buyer. The Bank offers real estate financing and personal loans through financial services companies. The Advantages of Loans: Until 1999, the German Settlement and Pensions Bank ( Bank) was a public-law specialist bank. It was sold to buyer and merged with it, while the term ” Bank” is still an independent division of the Post.

In the bank one is “specialist for real estate financing”. does not have its own branches. Rather, the members works together with financial services companies from all over Germany. Credit inquiries are forwarded to them – the customer’s advice is provided either by telephone or on-site. 2. For more complex financing issues, a supervisor may be called near the place of residence if needed, regardless of a specific loan request.

In the 9/2014 test, the bank ranked n-tv first in the category “fixed interest rate 10 years” and second in the category “fixed interest rates 15 years”. The Bank and the brands it manages are registered trademarks before buyer. We cooperate with financial services companies from all over Germany and forward loan applications to them.

The Bank Credit: Installment loan offer in the interest rate check

The Bank Credit: Installment loan offer in the interest rate check

In the personal loan business, is one of the less well-known in Germany. Since the year 2000 she is part of buyer. Although it focuses on real estate financing (including KfW loans), it also has an interesting personal loan that performs particularly well on longer maturities and lower interest rates. Whether the applicant to renovate his apartment, buy a new car (see car loan), grant a costly holiday or want to replace several other loans – the bank personal loan is a tailored to the customer requirements problem solution.

If you want to apply via the web, you can either use the provider’s website or one of the many online credit comparison sites from where you are directed to the house bank. As with most other consumer loans, a term of 14 days applies to Loans. If you want to take out a bank loan, you should be mature and act at your own expense and in your own interest.

Employees on fixed-term contracts are required to set a loan period to ensure that the loan is repaid before the employment expires. Another credit criterion is that the applicant does not have a negative Fachus entry. Self-employed, freelancers and managing directors can not order a personal loan over the Internet. They are better served with the DKB loan.

You select your desired amount and a corresponding period in the loan calculator. If you like the presented offer, confirm it by clicking on the button and then fill in the application with your personal details. When completing the application form, the candidate will indicate whether he is the sole borrower or if another person is accepting the document.

The residual debt insurance ” Rate Protection”, which is offered in three different service packages with different service levels, can be concluded for a small monthly supplement. To submit an application, enter the desired information on your individual financial situation on the following websites and submit your loan application by clicking on the button.

After a Fachus application has been made by the bank, the applicant receives a provisional commitment, provided that he has a sufficient credit rating in the opinion of the banking system. Then the application is printed out, the information checked, the paper signed and sent to the bank via the Postident procedure.

In order to receive the personal loan, the last salary statement and the account statements of the past five calendar weeks should be submitted in photocopies. The loan amount will be credited to the borrower after reviewing the submitted documents. As a rule, this can be done quickly and easily within a few days, as the experience of the banks shows.

The one who wants to satisfy with a personal loan more or less large consumer needs, gets a credit and maturity-dependent loan. The duration of the repayment term has, as the bank emphasizes, a greater influence on the interest rate than the creditworthiness of the customer. The special feature of the Loan is that the borrower can not select a term of less than 48 days and also gets loans for which he pays for the long term (maximum 120 months).

In addition to these conditions are quite unique; usual maturity between 12 and 84 days are common conditions, cf. eg the loan from Sorsconbank. Due dates up to 120 years = 10 years for personal loans ensure a sufficiently high level of liquidity in the monthly budget even for larger loan amounts. The borrower can select a loan amount between 5,000 and 50,000 EUR (which is a wider range than, for example, the Barclaycard, which offers a loan amount of 1000 – 350,000 EUR).

The house bank website offers a uniform interest rate of 4.64% to 10.49% in the loan calculator for all repayment terms, while credit comparison sites in the network list different interest margins depending on the repayment term. Whether these other locations have outdated conditions, do not take into account the ongoing bonus campaign or even offer individual terms in cooperation with Kredit-Bank remains unclear in the course of the test.

If you want to make special repayments, for example, because you have inherited, won the lottery, or received a bonus payment (profit sharing, bonus, bonus) from your employer, you can, according to the loan agreement, pay a free special payment on the personal loan once a year up to 50% of the remaining loan amount. The Loan can also be repaid early after termination of the loan agreement (notice period 3 months).

In order to increase the credit, the customer of the credit institution should in any case select a loan amount that is at least 1000 EUR above the current credit balance. After all, we came across such experience of test customers at banks on the Internet – often shunts the savings bank, the processing costs with such low credit increases.

In order to prevent you being forced into economic decline by partial payments that can no longer be implemented, and that your own family is protected against a comparable fatality, it may make sense to take out residual debt insurance (credit insurance). The bank is called as above rate protection and is offered in three versions.

The third payment option only protects against death. In the case of the AU, the contractual partner pays the National Bank for a maximum period of 12 months from the fourth month after the occurrence of the insured event. If the Borrower dies before the end of the Loan Period, the Insurer will bear the entire remaining debt outstanding at that time so that the survivors are not additionally burdened with any liabilities.

Even if the bank points out that for the borrower at the conclusion of the additional insurance only a small effect of the month on the rate, you should first consider whether the rate protection for the specific planned bank rate loan would be worthwhile. buyer has received several awards from the online business magazine for its loans, most recently in the first and fourth quarters of 2014: Buyer ranks second in the bank loan business.

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